About us

You have made the right choice in selecting 7Cihan Healthcare in order to benefit from health services provided to you by Turkey’s most qualified and technically equipped health institutions and their expert health care personnel.
7Cihan Healthcare cooperates with Turkey’s and Istanbul’s favorite hospitals and doctors. For this reason, we guarantee you the best medical team and organization in accordance with your medical condition and ability to meet medical expenses.
Although 7Cihan Healthcare has just recently been established, it is a continuation of long and sound experience. Under the name of the Afiyet Hospital and the Umran Group and within the body of the Turkish Republic Ministry of Health, since the year 2000 we have been operating hospitals and medical centers in Istanbul, which is a locomotive province in every field of enhancing Turkey’s healthcare services. In addition, we provide healthcare and trustworthy service at the Meydan Medical Centers in the coastal city of Antalya, which has been declared to be one of the four urban “tourism cities” by the Turkish Republic Tourism and Culture Ministry. Outside of Turkey we offer patients our healthcare services at the Antalya Hospital in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.
Of course, you will not come to Turkey just for medical treatment. To the extent that your medical condition allows, you can visit historical and touristic sites together with our tourist guides as long as you stay in Turkey.
For this reason, coming together with us will not just improve your health; at the same time it will open the door to enjoyment with an organization that provides you with 24 hour service 7 days a week.

Welcome to 7Cihan

Because together with all our staff and solution-oriented partners, we say “health first.

We have faith in our hospitality that will make you feel at home in our country.

We guarantee you an affordable but high quality solution to your problems with medical technology, equipment and the best public and private hospitals in Turkey and Istanbul known for their service quality, under the control of the Turkish Health Ministry, with their medical teams of experienced, specialized doctors and health personnel.

With 7Cihan Healthcare, we believe that you will be able to get to know our country well with our translators and guides who know both Turkey and Istanbul well and who have a vision/mission perspective regarding historical and cultural topics related to your country.

To enable all those in need to benefit from Turkey’s high-quality health services in the most trustworthy way.

To prepare the groundwork for those who are seeking medical treatment to come together with the medical teams and institutions that can best meet their needs and to provide trustworthy service.

7Cihan Healthcare organizes your healthcare with knowledge and experience in the health sector in cooperation with Turkey’s and Istanbul’s best hospitals and doctors and the best medical teams at a cost suitable to your own health conditions without compromising on the principle  “Health First.

In order to make you healthier, 7Cihan Healthcare cooperates with private and public hospitals that, under the control of the Turkish Health Ministry, are known for the quality of their technology, medical equipment and service and their experienced specialist doctors and medical personnel.

In addition, in order to contribute to your enjoyment and well-being, we work together with special professional firms that can meet your social, cultural, logistic and touristic needs in Turkey with high-quality service at a reasonable cost.