Academic Hospital

Academic Hospital

Academic Hospital continues to rise in the healthcare industry with its strong, professional, unchanging academic team that makes a difference.

As the family of Academic Hospital offering healthcare services at global standards, we strive to offer the cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment capabilities to our patients in all areas with our professional and scientific team, our modern equipment and infrastructure.

A “first” in Turkey: Partnership of the Foundation and Doctors

Founded under the Foundation of Marmara University Faculty of Medicine (MÜTFV), Academic Hospital has operated uninterruptedly since 1997. Our organization has launched a new structuring with the partnership of its lecturers and other doctors since January 2014. Thus it has marked a “first time” in Turkey by creating a brand new model of partnership between the Foundation of Faculty of Medicine and doctors. Strongly embraced by all of our staff, our hospital will continue to offer healthcare services to our patients for many years to come, without concessions to our quality, diligence and, most importantly, our ethic values with many more investments.

With the strength and support of MÜTFV, our hospital has more than 60 valuable lecturers in various main and sub-departments. Besides its strong academic staff, we have 29 attending physicians with proven success and long-term experience at our organization in various branches. HIn addition to the team of doctors, our hospital has 300 staff, most of who have been working in our organization for more than a decade. Our most important aspect is ensuring and preserving a stable and continuous structure of staff as a team.

Cooperation of Academic Hospital and Harvard Faculty of Medicine

Our hospital, with a vision to bring the global developments in healthcare to Turkish population as the leading academic private hospital in Turkey, signed a cooperation agreement with Harvard Faculty of Medicine in February 2012. With this agreement our patients, by means of our attending physicians, can get professional support in their diagnosis and treatment process from Partners Health Care, which is an operator of large hospital systems under the Harvard Faculty of Medicine in the US. Our patients, when requested or required, can get treatment at the hospital affiliated with Harvard Faculty of Medicine, with all coordination and organization processes to be handled by Academic Hospital on behalf of the patients. In the framework of this program, the patients of Academic Hospital gain access to treatment planning and care at global standards at the leading training hospitals of Harvard. So far, the diagnosis and treatment stages of many of our patients, particularly in medical oncology, urologic oncology, pathology, hematology and chest diseases, have been monitored and concluded in cooperation with Harvard Faculty of Medicine.

About Partners Health Care

Founded by Massachusetts General Hospital and Brighamand Women’s Hospital, the leading training hospital of Harvard Faculty of Medicine, Partners Health Care has and operates the most successful academic healthcare system in the US. Furthermore, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and McLean Hospital offer services in the same system.Partners and member hospitals, which are the global leaders in patient care, medical training and biomedical research, have a reputation for their excellence.The organization has sustained its innovative tradition since its foundation, and 18 Nobel laureates have attended courses and/or offered services at this organization. Partners Health Care, which is defined as “model marriage in academic medicine” by the New York Times, has achieved high standards in healthcare and strives to maintain it, while establishing partnerships to offer the same quality on the international level.

Integrated Quality Management System

Our hospital, which embraces the principle of offering modern, scientific, current, ethic and legal healthcare services, with a dynamic management approach supporting continuous education, was certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in 2008. The hospital has shifted to Integrated Management System after obtaining the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, and ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaint Management System certificates.

Our Central Laboratory for Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology and Genetic test requests, and Radiology Unit for Digital Mammography, Digital X-ray, Bone Density Measurement (with Q-CT), Ultrasonography/Color Doppler USG and invasive radiological procedures offer services on 24/7 basis.

With 5 operating rooms equipped with cutting-edge devices, internal and surgical intensive care units, newborn intensive care unit supervised by newborn specialists, modern recreational areas, comfortable patient rooms and 87 beds, Private Academic Hospital has aimed and achieved to become a recognized and reliable brand in healthcare, and has always supported its patients.

In summary, my intention is to give you some information about our hospital and to demonstrate that you are in safe hands.

Best regards

Zehra Neşe Kavak Prof M.D.

Chair of the Executive Board of Academic Hospital

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